A unique balm blended with only nine 100% organic ingredients

Nine Stretch Mark Savior The Simplicity Line

For trying and expecting mothers

Prevents stretchmarks and supports a mother's growing belly


Nourish and heal your body from the outside in with our natural skin care

I have been using NINE during and post a twin pregnancy. I was first drawn to it as I needed a product to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and to help maintain the skin elasticity. I wanted a completely organic, toxin free and safe solution where every ingredient could be traced back, for my peace of mind. The balm offers just that without compromising on quality. It feels light on the skin but it also feels very nourishing. It’s absorbs well enough to glide. A surprising feature has been how it is helping my C section scar fade. I strongly recommend it especially for women who are pregnant, looking to become so, or have been recently pregnant. - Sofia M

I absolutely love the simplicity and transparency of all the ingredients in the product. The NINE balm not only smells divine, with a very relaxing and homey scent, but also goes on smooth and is super moisturizing without being sticky. I've even started using it on my face and around the eyes at night! - Astrid M

I started using NINE when I was first pregnant - but have continued to use it everywhere. I put it on my face at night for hydration, under my eyes for that ‘crepiness', and on my knees and elbows for overall anti-aging. Magic. Love it! - Maria N

Sometimes trying to find a 100% organic product to use in pregnancy can be extremely difficult. NINE is a wonderful stretch mark balm that is easy to apply and lovely to wear each day. My skin felt rehydrated and soft after each use. Spreads wonderfully! Just waiting for my big tub to be delivered. Total convert, and it smells so good!!- Elizabeth B

I used this cream by chance (from a pregnant friend) on my hands that suffer greatly from eczema. Within two weeks I noticed more difference than I had for any other cream I’ve tried on the market. So, not pregnant, but a devoted NINE fan. - Ivy B